8th Life Panama

Application questions

If you couldn’t fill out the form, here are the questions that you can copy & paste, adding your answers, into an email to [email protected]  We do prefer that you fill out the form, though, as it consolidates your information to our applicant database.

Basic Info

1) What is your email address?

2) Please tell us your name

3) Do you use a nickname? Please let us know

4) Please give us your Skype address if you have one.

5) Please give us your phone number (especially if it’s linked to Whats App)

6) What is your birthday?

7) Where are you from? Where do you live now?

8) What languages do you speak?

9) How did you hear about us?

10) How did you get here? What abilities, talents, experience, knowledge have you accumulated as a person? A summary of your path to here

11) Where/how were you raised? What have you studied? In what capacities have you worked? (Please send us your CV if you have one)

Your Vision & Values

12) Thinking about the Criteria for Success article in the website – there are 6 Ingredients for creating successful communities. How would you propose that these 6 criteria be met? How would you design the application/acceptance process?

13) Please tell us in as much details as you can, your vision for your ideal Eco-Community. Where do you see that it coincides with ours, and where do you think it could be different? Also please tell us something about which intentional communities, eco-villages, etc. you have visited or explored, how much you know of the subject (& how other examples influence your vision).

14) Shares in the EcoVillage (the land remains property of a Foundation, Association or Cooperative – members have shares & right of use & re-sale – note that share prices are reviewed and usually will go up every year).

Which of these options are you interested in?

a) I want to be a permanent member and invest in a full share ($20,000 USD) or a portion thereof

b) I prefer to pay a monthly rent & not to have a share to start with – maybe later on.

c) I want to go there for part of every year and have mini-shares to support the project and pay less rent for my stay ($2,000 for each mini-share of a month per year)

d) I want to invest in the EcoVillage but not live there

15) Is anyone else coming with you? Partner /family / children / friends, etc. Please write here their names, ages & something about them. If they are adults please ask them to also fill out this form independently.

16) What experience do you have of living in community & of working in a group?

17) What roles have you taken in community living / group work andwhat do you think are the most important considerations when it comes to doing good team work?

18) How do you think that committing to an Integral Permaculture approach to designing all facets of the project might help in getting this crucial part to working better than usual?

19) We all share each facet of the work in the Finca. Do you have any special needs in terms of physical abilities, work disposition, etc? Health issues, during what hours of the day you prefer to work, what types of work you prefer, etc …

20) We are moving more and more to a diet based on what’s available locally and eventually to what our land offers us. Do you have any special needs in terms of food (allergies, etc)? What type of diet do you think is the most sustainable? Would you be willing to adapt your dietary preferences to the most sustainable options over time?

21) We would like to share this project with people who, like us, have a strong commitment to living in a simple, integral, and permacultural way; who are flexible, very enterprising; who have enough experience and maturity to bring something useful to the project; who are free (or are freeing themselves) from addictions (there are many different ones); and who are non-dogmatic, open, and sociable. In what aspects are you in agreement? Which describe you well and which not?

22) Please describe what are your most important ethics & values.

Employment & Training

If you are looking for work & could do with some great practical support in order to get your own eco-business going, if you have the initiative, maturity & persistence necessary, & especially if you are interested in being a dynamic part of this initiative … we’re looking for you!

23) What would be your ideal job (what you most love doing)? Do you already do this work or is it something you’d like to start doing? What experience do you have for it? (if you have various, put in order of preference)

24) Enrolling in the Integral PDC – one of the most special about this initiative is the fact that we intend to carry out all aspects of the project scientifically, putting into practice the Integral Permaculture Manual & documenting all results. What do you think about us having this focus?

25) Do you have any experience or previous interest / studies / contacts in the Integral world and / or the Permaculture world? Please share who, when, depth, etc.

26) Please let us know what burning questions you might have – after reading the website thoroughly and keeping in mind that a lot of questions are answered as you go through the iPDC course in your designs and through your studies.

27) We also expect everyone in the EcoVillage who can do so, to work toward an Integral Permaculture Diploma (a lot more demanding than an ordinary permaculture diploma), as this will add much resource to the EcoVillage (eg. coherence & excellence in future team-teaching). What do you know about Transition Initiatives & about the Permaculture Diploma? (have you started on this path or do you have intention to?)


We're looking for visionaries; people with an entrepreneurial spirit who believe, like we do, that
it's time to transition from a destructive society to a sustainable world.