8th Life Panama

The Project

The Design

The Integrated Community Design will be the basis for ongoing development of all of the interrelated parts of this initiative. This design will be based on the digitized land plan, walking surveys and other site-specific observations. Different zones and usage areas, internal paths and trails, common areas, member lots, and areas for productive projects will be defined.

This will let us know where to best start working to improve and create soil to sustain future productive projects, where to begin reforestation so that the trees serve multiple functions, and where to best capture water to sustain all life in the Eco-village. These are tasks that require tons of attention in their design and involve many components and subsystems. We’re looking for people who can help with this.

In order to also help set up Eco-villages elsewhere (an important aspect of creating a sustainable future for life on earth)  we plan to work as an action-learning lab & to document each phase of the creation of the Eco-village, testing the theory against practice and sharing our findings in order to add to the wealth of knowledge in how to create communities & sustainability-enhancing projects.

This project essentially puts into practice and experiments with the models, tools, guidelines & methods of the Integral Permaculture curriculum, which aims to cover all the basics anyone needs to design a sustainable culture, step by step. (see the e-Book here: PermaCultureScience.org )

We’re looking for people who are very excited at the thought of doing all this. It’s painstaking work that requires us to always keep the big picture in mind while working on many little details.

Designs currently in-process:

  • First food-forest plot defined & planting begun
  • Stream crossing and access road design
  • Land-plan that will become the base for the Integrated Community Design
  • Research that will allow us to participate in reforestation projects and develop an educational institute with formal accreditation
  • Research into most appropriate legal structures for the initiative, to ensure sustainability



See a bit more of the history behind the project here.