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So Much is Happening!

I can’t believe how fast time is going by! In our last update dry season had just started and now we’re entering rainy season. So much has happened in the interim! Before getting into that – I just want to say that I’m psyched! Why? We’re offering another on-site PDC![…]

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Seasons Changing

The rains are coming to an end as one season flows into another. Here in Panama, we either have rain or we don’t. When it rains, it really rains and when it doesn’t, it really doesn’t! We go without rain for 4 – 5 months straight. As you can imagine,[…]

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Get Involved

With everything that’s going on in the world, sometimes it’s tempting to curl up in a corner and wait for things to get better. But if we do that, we lose out big time. We miss the chance to help make things better …

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The System is Flawed

Our current system is one of consumption, hoarding, selfish individualism, divisiveness, competition, and oppression. It forms illusions of well-being, success, and achievement by creating the perception that wants are needs and that these can be satisfied by following a prescribed script.

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Progress towards our Vision

A lot is happening in the world. Many of us knew that something was coming. It was inevitable. At 8th Life Panama we’ve been preparing for something like this.

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Renewal Celebration – Celebración de Renovación

Join us in peace, light and love to co-create a truly enlightening celebration of life where laughter, music, and compassion will help us all make 2020 an amazing and fulfilling year.

Únete a nosotros en paz, luz, y amor para co-crear una celebración una celebración de la vida verdaderamente iluminadora donde la risa, la música y la compasión nos ayudarán a todos a hacer de 2020 un año increíble y grato.

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Casa Ubuntu

Casa Ubuntu – Cooperative Living Space

Combining the wisdom and ways of the past with a vision of an abundant and peaceful future, Casa Ubuntu is a shared living space in Antón, a small town in Panama. The property includes 9 bedrooms, courtyard gardens, two kitchens and multiple living and common areas suitable for many creative and productive activities.

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Newsletter – Boletín

This fall has been busy for us, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some of our activities and updates with you.

Hemos estado bastante ocupados este otoño y pensé tomar esta oportunidad para compartir algunas de nuestras actividades y novedades.

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