8th Life Panama

Other ways to support us


People who believe in and support the project either financially or in-kind are benefactors.  Maybe they visit every once in a while and stay at Casa Ubuntu or at the Eco-village.  Someday they may become Member Villagers.

Donations are always welcome, since these contributions help in the formation of the community.  A list of priority projects will be developed (water, energy, and irrigation systems are 3 big ones) for which benefactors will be sought, and this way you’ll be able to follow-up on your contribution over time.  Depending on the amount, you’ll also be recognized, for instance, with free nights at Casa Ubuntu or at the Eco-village.

Volunteers, Interns & Visitors

We also welcome Interns & Volunteers, who generally want to learn what it’s like to live in an intentional community, and stay for several months, as well as Visitors, who come for a short time, normally as tourists or participants in a training course or workshop.

All levels of participation have benefits for both the participant and for the community.

Interns & Volunteers invest their time and cost of living, they have the responsibility to participate in the integral permaculture course described in these pages (since volunteers are preferred for 3 months or longer – minimum 1 month), right to use the common areas and responsibility to comply with agreements regarding work hours.  Perhaps when the time is right they’ll become members. Interns will be considered based upon the educational and administrative requirements of their institution.

Visitors invest in their cost of living and in the course or event they’re participating in.

We’ll develop more formal programs for volunteers and interns as the project progresses.  For now, we accept proposals and evaluate them based upon our current needs and mutual benefits.


We're looking for visionaries; people with an entrepreneurial spirit who believe, like we do, that
it's time to transition from a destructive society to a sustainable world.