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Progress towards our Vision

A lot is happening in the world.

Many of us knew that something was coming. It was inevitable.

At 8th Life Panama we’ve been preparing for something like this. We’ve been establishing the foundation for a new way of living and we’ve been seeking like-minded people to help us create an utterly amazing future. The future we envision is based on cooperation, peace, love, and respect. It is founded in the ethics and principles of permaculture and aims to incorporate the ideas and vision of Ubuntu-Contributionism.

We envision communities of people living sustainable, regenerative on-purpose lives around the world. Rural, suburban, and urban communities all interconnected and all unique, yet all founded on the above principles, the only principles that will sustain human and all other life on this planet. Creativity will flourish, technology will advance in many life-affirming ways.  Local production for local consumption will become the norm as needs and wants are rationalized. Work will become joyful and purposeful.

This can happen. It needs to be well designed. A lot of thought and work needs to be put into it. The Ubuntu-Contributionism movement’s “One Small Town Can Change the World” initiative is one blueprint which, together with permaculture as a design science, provide a credible and feasible way forward.

As many of you know, we have poured ourselves heart and soul into creating this New Life. We recently updated and translated our website, which is now in both English and Spanish. We encourage you to read it to best understand our project. We have also made progress on quite a few projects and designs:

  • The guest house is no longer operated commercially but as a cost and talent share co-working co-living space, Casa Ubuntu. Thanks to residents at Casa Ubuntu:
    • A vertical garden now graces the wall of the small courtyard
    • Over 150 saplings were grown (some from seed) and tended in both courtyards
    • Many experiences and harmonious meals were shared
  • A bridge was built across the stream in 2018 so we can drive onto the Finca.
    • This made observation of the land easier and more frequent
    • A parking area & temporary nursery were established

  • The first settlement and food forest area was defined. We call it the Rainbow Area.
    • Planting started in 2019 in the Rainbow Food Forest and is continuing in 2020. We now have upwards of 400 trees planted
    • The Rainbow Bunkhouse was designed & built in 2019 with 3 bedrooms, a storage area, dry compost toilet, shower, & a washup area
    • A rainwater catchment system was incorporated into the bunkhouse design. It serves the shower & washup areas and overflows into an irrigation system in the food forest
    • The outdoor kitchen was completed in 2020 & includes both wood and propane gas cooking options.
    • Compost was set up near the kitchen
    • The plant nursery was moved from the parking area to the woods behind the kitchen
    • A footbridge was built across a deep gully for ease of access into the forest from Rainbow Camp

  • Several weirs were built to slow and spread water in natural runoff areas
  • Two swales were dug, along with several diversion ditches
  • On-site training courses and other activities have been held, including:
    • Educational booths at InnovaFest & Innovaarte’s other activities
    • Action-learning brigade to prepare paths on contour throughout the food forest
    • Introduction to swales and earthworks hosted by David Ahlgren
    • Full-month Permaculture Design Certificate courses were facilitated on site by Rebecca using the Integral Permaculture Academy’s online materials

We’ve set the foundation for a vibrant, thriving community and have begun building on it.  So, if our vision resonates with you, if you feel called to help co-create this, please visit our website to learn more about how to participate.

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