8th Life Panama

The Land

Villa Astoria

We include Villa Astoria in ‘the land’ section of the website because the historic renovation of the guest house gave us the opportunity to learn more about how to work the land within small spaces.

Here is a picture of the courtyard during the renovation:      And this is the same area just 18 months later:




The tallest banana tree in this photo is the ‘grandchild’ of the first one we had – so it’s the 3rd generation and the 2 small banana trees in front are a dwarf variety just 6 months old. We have fully covered the ground using herbs, medicinal plants, vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants.

Villa Astoria is 11Km (about 25 minutes in car) from the Finca, is close to various local beaches, and just a short ride from the mountains.  You can see lots of photos and more information about the villa here.   The guest house is a commercial operation, hosting travelers from around the world, digital nomads and volunteers and collaborators of the 8th Life Panama project.  Here is where the rubber meets the road — this is where we do all the planning and design for the Eco-village during this early stage.

Check out Villa Astoria’s website for more information and photos of the guest house.