8va Vida Panamá


Come create community.

8th Life Panama is a permaculture-based Eco-village Project in the early stages of formation. We're designing our intentional community to provide a social support structure and a low impact lifestyle for our members, residents, volunteers and guests. We envision an intentional rural community where the values and ideals of community, respect, peace, and living an “on-purpose” life will be rediscovered by the diverse, multigenerational group of people who’ve joined us.

We are currently seeking founding members and experienced permaculture volunteers.

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We can live more lightly.

As human beings we weren’t designed to live disconnected from nature and each other. As a society we’ve gone astray and as a result we’re damaging our mother earth and soon she won’t be able to sustain human life. We seem to have also lost the ability to relate with one another as human beings.

It’s time to transition from a destructive society to a sustainable world. We need to stop the destruction, build soil, restore ecosystems, heal our addictions, change organizational structures of the global economy, & learn to live in community.

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Be a steward and protector.

Our Eco-village land, Finca Ubuntu, is 21Ha of grasslands and forests bordered by a river and stream. When we bought the land, it was in its natural state apart from 1Ha that’s been farmed on occasion. The finca is located 11 km from the town of Antón Panama, where we have our operations center.

Casa Ubuntu is our co-working, co-living center in the town of Antón. We receive digital nomads and others here on a cost and talent share basis. We work and live here while designing the Eco-village.

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  • “Algunas personas buscan un lugar bello, otros embellecen a cualquier lugar.”

    Hazrat Inayat Khan – founder of The Sufi Order in the West
  • “Hay una diferencia entre el interés y el compromiso. Cuando estás interesado en hacer algo, lo haces solo cuando es conveniente. Cuando estás comprometido con algo, no aceptas excusas; sólo resultados.”

    Kenneth Blanchard – Management Expert
  • “El crecimiento personal atrasado sirve al “crecimiento” industrial al suprimir la dimensión natural del desarrollo humano . . . , la sociedad del crecimiento industrial engendra una ciudadanía inmadura incapaz de imaginar una vida más allá del consumismo y los empleos que suprimen el alma.”

    Bill Plotkin – founder of western Colorado’s Animas Valley Institute

¿Esto es para tí?

Buscamos a visionarios; personas con un espiritu emprendedor quienes, como nosotros,
creen que es tiempo de transicionar de una sociedad destructiva a un mundo sostenible.