8th Life Panama

Ways to Participate


People who live in the EcoVillage or the Guest House but haven’t completed their initial share yet.  This category allows us to increase the diversity of the EcoVillage since not everyone can pay the their initial share all at once. This way, they can become part of the community while working on paying their initial share.

There will be people who, for economic reasons can’t afford the initial share value.  In this case, if the person complies with the application process and is accepted, they’ll be able to live in the Community, for instance in the house of a Collaborative Member or at the Guest House.  He or she will be able to work on projects that benefit the Community and in that way save up ‘capital’ until completing the initial share value. The Community will issue ‘IOUs’ for the value of the work – and the value of each project will be agreed in advance. While the initial share value hasn’t been completed, the Villager has the following rights and responsibilities:

  • responsibility to participate in the integral permaculture course described in these pages.
  • voice and vote in community council meetings once the trial period is completed
  • use of common areas and the responsibility to comply with agreements regarding work hours and fees for maintaining them
  • use of common areas for productive projects (Eco-Businesses) with prior approval from the community council