8th Life Panama

Ways to Participate


As with founders, members will invest in their share (initial investment) which, over time, will increase in value as the improvements made at the EcoCommunity increase its value.  Members have the same rights and responsibilities as Founders except developing the initial agreements and deciding about the legal structure since these things will already be decided. Another distinction among members is:

  • Member Villagers: live in the Community (or Guest House) permanently and have the voice and vote in general assemblies and community council meetings.
  • Collaborative Members: don’t live permanently in the Community but rather come once in a while and have voice but not voting rights at general assemblies and community councils.  However, if the member has built their home at the Community and someone lives there who complies with all of the requirements, even though this person hasn’t invested money, he or she will have the rights of voice and vote at the community council meetings.