8th Life Panama

Ways to Participate

Founding Villagers

Help in writing the community’s by-laws and statutes.  After the community is founded, they’re the first to be able to build their houses and/or design and run projects.

Our target is to find 8 co-founders. The initial (2017) share value is USD $20,000.  This share provides :

  • opportunity to develop the initial agreements and participate in the decision about the legal structure (foundation, association, cooperative or ?)
  • responsibility to participate in the integral permaculture course described in these pages.
  • use of a parcel of land to build your home and the responsibility to begin building within a period determined by the group
  • voice and vote in general assemblies and community council meetings
  • use of common areas and the responsibility to comply with agreements regarding work hours and fees for maintaining them
  • use of common areas for productive projects (Eco-Businesses) with prior approval from the community council