8th Life Panama


We're looking for visionaries; people with an entrepreneurial spirit who believe, like we do, that it's time to transition from a destructive society to a sustainable world.

Joining us opportunity & Process

So, if you have read everything and if this sounds great and you’re asking yourself, “How do I get involved and what does it cost?” Here’s a quick description and links to where we describe things in more detail.

We have an application process that involves a visit, an application form, a two-way evaluation and mutual agreement, a commitment to study Integral Permaculture, and an investment.

Application Process

Visit us

You can begin the rest of the process before or after visiting us, whatever works best for you. You can visit us for 2 weeks, 1 month, 6 months, etc. We offer medium and long-term stay options at the Guest House.

The visit options were prepared in order that you can see what you’re getting into. We don’t think it’s possible to make a lifetime commitment such as this without coming to see us first. It also allows us to include people who aren’t quite sure what it’s all about and we are delighted that we can support people in any stage of their path.

We’ve also designed this so that any useful net contribution you make to the 8thLife project during your path of exploration can be counted toward your share, as an investor, should you later join us as a Resident Member. Which in concrete terms means that we can count as part of your share: a proportion (from 20% to 50%) of any monetary contribution you make to this eco-village project when visiting us and a proportion of any in-kind contribution (previously agreed – in writing – finished work) that you make to building any of the infrastructure of the site, if you have eco-building skills and experience that you can contribute.

Study the Project

Take the time to study the website well and read the following ressources.

6 Ingredients for Forming Communities

There are well-studied criteria for ensuring EcoVillage projects succeed. Here is an example of some of the good work that has been done in this area. We are following these recommendations because unfortunately, most EcoVillage projects never make it.

Evolutionary Relationships

Most people focus on physical structures (land, houses, etc.) when they think of an EcoCommunity, but in fact the most basic ‘soil’ of any project are the relationships. We are all well-trained in consumerism & that means we often know how to use people, animal, land … rather than relate. So there is much to learn & much to change inside as well as outside of us, as we work for a saner humanity.

Socially Responsible Investing

This article, by Hal Brill author of Investing with your Values, is quite detailed, from a trailblazing integral permaculture colleague & describes the crucial gap we are aiming to address with this initiative. It merits much reflection, and begs the question — does it go far enough? We’d love to talk more about this!

How to be an Investor

Investing (our money, time, attention, energy) in the solutions to the world’s environmental, social & economic problems is now the most important job we have as humans, and the 8thLife Panama Initiative can be thought as a kind of bank for ethical investors.

Whether you reap the benefits by sharing this space or just by having a monetary return on your investment in the future, it’s probably one of the most secure ways to invest right now, and certainly one of the most ethical & strategically important, for all of us.

Fill out our Application Form

If after studying these pages you find that you are seriously interested in being considered as a founding member of this initiative (a project still in very early stages of formation), we’d appreciate if you could send us the application form filled out in as much detail as possible.

We appreciate this is a very long & detailed application form and we feel that it is appropriate to what we’re looking for: being a founder member of a quite unique Co-work Co-life Intentional Eco-Community is something that is worth thinking through in some detail.  This is why we ask so many questions as it’s part of the two-way evaluation and mutual agreement process.

Fill the Application form > >

We prefer if you fill out the form above – as it consolidates the information into our applicant database – but if you have a problem with the form, you can copy & paste the questions of this page, adding your answers, into an email to [email protected]


Enroll in the online Integral Permaculture Certificate action learning program, where we will formally start your induction into the project as well as designing together your transition to the eco-village (including any eco-business you might need to organize).

This training is a basic requirements for all resident members.

So for people who are seriously interested in joining us as pioneering EcoCommunigy builders the first step after reading this site and contacting us in Panama is to enroll in the PDC+ Action Learning Program (option C) as soon as you can, where we will get to know each other as you become intimately acquainted with the existing members & with the designs we’re working on at the same time as you deepen you knowledge in the science of designing for sustainability, (a basic requirement for all members of this EcoVillage).


You can take this step here in Antón since, as part of the Eco-Escuelas Network, we offer the course on-site with lodging at Astoria Guest House.  That way, while you’re studying you have the opportunity to design and implement projects at the Guest House and for the EcoVillage.


Note that if you have already taken a PDC (or several), we still require you to do this course as it develops the People-Care & EcoEconomics modules to a level no other PDCs do (yet) & we consider these especially basic & critical in making a project like this work in practice.     
Because it is an Action-Learning course (design-portfolio based, & you start sharing your designs from day 1) we have also found this to be the best mini-max & multi-functional way to get to know each other & the project in detail.   
We also enjoy interacting positively with people who are giving something to the project (all income from the courses goes toward this initiative and other transition projects of our collaborators and mentors).
Your enrollment in the PDC+ is a first sign of commitment on your part which motivates us to take you seriously as a prospective member & also make some good use of answering all your questions & supporting your transition – wherever it might lead.
It shows you have some basic understanding of symmetry as a basic requirement of sustainability, & also that you’re interested (& possibly as excited as we are) about the Integral approach we’re taking.
It is essential all core group members ‘get on the same page’ with the basic models & for this we have the Integral Permaculture Designers Manual & Course: this eco-village project is effectively an action-research project of that manual.

This training will be useful whatever you end up doing, if you are seriously interested in living a more sustainable life, anywhere, whatever you end up doing.  But it also will be useful for us- which is important to us as we are setting up a very ambitious project & can’t really afford to scatter our time & energies in many directions

With our Guest House Astoria, introductory visits will be planned for guests who demonstrate interest, which will provide an opportunity for members who are working on their PDC to demonstrate their skills, explain the project, and possibly open some eyes to the realities and possibilities of the world. We also love receiving visits from people we have gotten to know quite well online, (through the course & many skype or phone conversations) as when they arrive they already feel like part of the family.

The course might also involve discovering that there are better options for you elsewhere: it is designed to accelerate processes toward sustainability, both internally & externally, and this often involve some uncomfortable facing up to who you really are or want to be. 
In any event, if you are serious about sustainability, the PDC+ Action Learning Program is full of very basic essentials to orient you on your path & is highly recommended for all people who are aiming to create a more sustainable life for themselves, their families & their communities, wherever and however that might be: it’s about learning profound design principles, & for most of us, the biggest & most important design we do is that of our own lives.