8th Life Panama


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Getting Here

From Abroad

Panama is known as the “hub of the Americas” for the frequency of flights to and from Panama, and the ease of connections with the rest of the world. There are many direct flights or with few layovers.

You can get here overland from the northwest, but from the southeast there’s a gap in the road and there’s no direct route. So from Colombia you’d need to fly or figure out how to come by boat. YEP — we’re talking about the “Panamerican Highway” which connects the Americas from north to south with its only gap being in the Darien Province of Panama.

Once you get to Panama, you can take public transportation to Antón, or we can recommend a taxi (around $90). Depending on your arrival time in the City of Panama you might need to spend the night there. There are lots of hostels and economic hotels – you can still find a room for $50 or less. 

From Panama City

From the international airport there are buses to the national transport terminal on the other side of the city. A taxi would cost around $30 for this trip.  The bus, less than $2.00.  You have to walk outside the airport to catch the bus – they don’t enter.  One of the malls offers a free shuttle from the airport and from there it might be possible to catch a bus to the terminal (or possibly the metro).  The public transportation system in Panama is under improvement – so it’s best to check the internet, since these things change frequently. Soon the metro will have a stop at (or near) the airport, which will make things even easier.

Once you arrive at the national transport terminal (Albrook terminal), find the bus window that says Anton.  It’s to the left of the information booth in the center of the terminal.  The buses leave every 20-30 minutes and within around 2 hours you’ll be here.  They’re mostly small buses.  If you have suitcases, it can be worthwhile to buy an extra ticket for your bags to occupy a seat.  There’s no luggage racks and the storage area for luggage is small.  Another option is to get an Aguadulce or Santiago bus, since these are larger buses, and just tell them you’re getting off at Antón.  The disadvantage to this is they’ll leave you out on the Panamerican Highway while the Antón bus will leave you just 2 blocks away (or even bring you to the door).  Bus fare is under $5.00.