8th Life Panama

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During the initial phase, people who join us will live at the Guest House while a comprehensive study of the land is done and the integral design for the EcoVillage is proposed. Of course there will be people who want to stay on the land for a spell and that[…]

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Turning rubbish into Dreams

Here is a short video our friends in the Canary Islands made in Spanish about this (it’s called Transforming Rubbish into Dreams & is presented as a crowd-funding project – which you are very welcome to use if you wish to fund your stay in a very original way). More[…]

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The big problem with rubbish

The big problem with rubbish is that we’ve : got too much of it (increases with human consumption), don’t know where to put it, and it doesn’t degrade. So where does it make most sense to stick rubbish? In our most permanent constructions! And if we don’t “like” to do that[…]

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Eco-Building Heroes

Here you can see the stories of two brilliant Integral Permaculture Pioneers who truly live the above guidelines, ethics & principles, and have had the imagination & creativity to do very well out of it, as well as contribute something hugely valuable to the world. Integrity does pay off, eventually.[…]

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Let’s work together for sustainability.
If after reading al this informations, it’s clear to you that supporting the transition to a sustainable world is your first priority, you will love this & we are looking for you.